Industry approved hardware

Meazurem works with several Bluetooth sensors from different manufacturers. Meazurem itself doesn't design, manufacture or sell any of these environmental IoT sensors.

The sensors are categorized below to help you pick the best for your needs.

The best sensor

Which sensor do we recommend the most? This is a question we get asked a lot. The answer is clear: we recommend RuuviTags.

Why? RuuviTag has user updatable firmware and the best battery life. It measures a wide variety of quantities, and it's reliable.

Outdoor usage

For outdoor usage, the sensor should have proper IP rating. It guarantees the hardware is designed for the purpose.


With display

Sensors with a display are listed below.

Govee H5075

Govee H5072

Qingping CGG1


Xiaomi Mi LYWSD02

Flower care

Sensors designed specifically for flower or plant care, are listed below.

Xiaomi Mi Flora HHCCJCY01

Xiaomi Mi Flora HHCCPOT002

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