Release Notes


Version 2.4

This release doesn’t contain any visible changes. However, it contains internal changes to login and prepares for future app updates.

Version 2.3

This release adds support for PDF reports and RuuviTag movement alerts.

PDF reports are available for Premium users from the sensor export view. Download a sample report to see how it looks like.

RuuviTag (v5) sensors provide movement information. Now it’s possible to get an alert on movement event. This allows you to get notified when doors are opened, for example.

Version 2.2

This release adds support for Android app widgets and iOS 14 home screen widgets. You can add a widget to monitor single source per sensor.

Along with this release, Meazurem supports now annual subscriptions. The prices for annual subscriptions are heavily discounted. You can save over 35% over the corresponding monthly plan. The plan contents are also adjusted. The Lite and Standard plans are merged and renamed as Basic. The Plus plan is adjusted and renamed as Premium.

The quota based free usage is deprecated. The Free plan contains now usage of single sensor with 60 minute upload rate.

Version 2.1

This release adds support for Android 11 and iOS 14. In addition, the app introduces support for Android Dark Theme and Apple iOS Dark Mode. The mode is selected automatically based on the operating system prefences.

The app contains now support also for Xiaomi Mi Flora flower sensor (soil moisture and conductivity, temperature and illuminance).

Version 2.0

This release updates the app logo and brand colors. In addition, it contains several minor improvements and fixes.

Version 1.5

This release adds support for sensor data export feature. The measurement data can be exported between selected days to a CSV format. A .csv file can be opened with all spreadsheet software such as Microsoft Excel, Apple Numbers, OpenOffice Calc or Google Sheets.

The app is now able to show Android gateway battery status. It also supports RuuviTag last sensor movement information. In addition, the app contains support for the SensorPush sensor. The Meazurem Gateway version 1.4 or later is required for these features to work.

This version drops support for iOS 11.

Version 1.4

This release adds support for a graph view for a year. Now it’s also possible to sort gateways and sensors by long press + drag and drop.

Sort sensors by long press + drag and drop

Other changes include improved temperature graph to make it look a bit better with small temperature changes.

On iOS 13 and later, list item swipe actions are replaced by the new context menu.

This version drops support for Android 5 and iOS 10.

Version 1.3

This release adds support for Android 10. The app will now contain support also for the Tempo Disk environmental sensors.

The sign up and log in flows are improved and streamlined. There’s no need to confirm the email address anymore when signing in with Google. Due to constant privacy issues and low user adoption, we decided to drop support for Facebook logins.

If you have previously create your account using Facebook login, please request a password reset link with the app. You can then set a password for the account and login with email and password. If you have Google account using the same email address as the Facebook account, you can also login with Google and the accounts are automatically merged.

If you have questions or need assistance with the login changes, please contact our email support.

Version 1.2

With this release, the free usage limits are changed. Each new account is in free trial mode by default. Every account is provided with 3000 free measurement data sample points. These points can be used to evaluate the service in full. This provides you an access to the service for over a month with a single sensor updated once per 15 minutes.

The limit for only single sensor is removed for the free usage. Also the upload rate of 15 minutes is gone and the maximum of 1 minute upload rate can be used. Once the free quota has been consumed, the service will not accept any new sensor data until valid subscription to the service exists.

Version 1.1

This release adds new features such as sensor sharing and option to buy SMS alerts.

It’s now possible to share sensors with other users. This feature is limited for users with Standard or Plus subscription. However, any user (even a non-subscribing user) can add a shared sensor to his/her account.

It’s also possible to buy SMS alerts separately now. This change makes it possible for users in the free or Lite plans to use SMS alerts too. The included SMS alerts were removed from the Standard and Plus packages, and the pricing was lowered accordingly. Now you pay only what you use for the SMS alerts.

Other changes include changes in sensor graphs and settings view. The graphs are now drawn without the dots and with higher accuracy. This makes the graphs smoother. The settings view includes now minor details about the settings items.

Version 1.0

This is the first public release of the client software. The client is available for Android and iOS at the moment.

The client app has features to use the service in full. You can check sensor data both in numeric and graphical forms, including history graphs. You can mark sensors as favorites and define alarms for them. Try it yourself!


Version 1.9

This release adds support for:

  • Govee H5075 hardware (temperature and humidity)
  • Govee H5074 hardware (temperature and humidity)
  • Govee H5072 hardware (temperature and humidity)

In addition, the following major changes were made:

  • Increase to support API 30 on Android
  • Split Android app in two different flavors to separate support for old and new devices

Version 1.8

This release adds support for:

  • IBS-TH1 Plus hardware (temperature and humidity)
  • IBS-P01B hardware (temperature)

In addition, the release improves stability and performance.

Version 1.7

This release adds support for:

  • Qingping CGG1 hardware (temperature and humidity)
  • Xiaomi Mi Flora RoPot HHCCPOT002 hardware (soil moisture and conductivity)
  • Xiaomi LYWSD02 hardware (temperature and humidity)

In addition, the following major changes were made:

  • Improve operation on some Android devices acting against the platform guidelines

Version 1.6

This release adds support for:

  • Xiaomi Mi Flora monitoring moisture, illuminance, temperature and conductivity

In addition, the following major changes were made:

  • Update Android gateway logo and brand colors, tune user interface

Version 1.5

In this release, the following changes were made:

  • Increase the active Bluetooth scan time per cycle
  • Scan missed sensors on the next cycle regarding the set period
  • Fix a bug regarding syncing sensor details with the cloud
  • Update third party libs

Version 1.4

This release adds support for:

  • RuuviTag movement counter
  • Android gateway battery status
  • SensorPush sensor hardware (temperature and humidity)

In addition, the following major changes were made:

  • Improve support for Android 10 as a gateway hardware
  • Improve Android gateway user interface

Version 1.3

This release adds support for three new sensors:

  • Tempo Disc temperature monitor (temperature)
  • Tempo Disc 3 in 1 Bluetooth (temperature and humidity)
  • Tempo Disc 4 in 1 Environmental Sensor (temperature, humidity and pressure)

In addition, the following major changes were made:

  • Add warning when using the gateway on battery on Android. The gateway shouldn’t be used on battery because the strong battery saving features build in Android.
  • Change to use port 443 for MQTT connection to allow better firewall co-operation.
  • Improve communication with the cloud.

Version 1.2

This release adds support for two new sensors:

  • Xiaomi Mijia Bluetooth temperature and humidity sensor
  • RuuviTag 2.x firmware and the new data format 5 protocol

In addition, the following Android Gateway changes were made:

  • Improve background functionality by making ignoring battery optimizations mandatory.
  • Check and require location services to be enabled. This is required by Android 6 and newer to be able to scan BLE data.

Version 1.1

This release adds support for Inkbird IBS-TH1 Bluetooth smart sensors. These sensors provide temperature and humidity readings.

In addition, the Android Gateway works now better especially with Android 6 and newer using Doze for battery optimization.

Version 1.0

This is the first public release of the gateway software. The gateway is available for Android and Raspberry Pi. They both have equal features. However, the Raspberry Pi gateway software has only command line interface.

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