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Hi! My name is Riku Pelander. I'm the founder and creator of the Meazurem service. I founded Meazurem to address a growing problem that local wireless sensors created: monitoring the sensor information remotely. I wanted to know that my house's living conditions were right and that my garage didn't have conditions favorable for mold.

At that time, there weren't any existing solutions available for people like me. I mean, people like homeowners and other consumers. That's why I built the tools myself and decided to share them so that you can take advantage of them too!

Monitor everything, remotely

Meazurem helps you monitor what matters the most to you. Whether you want to build a weather station, ensure your family and pets' wellbeing, or the optimal growing conditions for plants and flowers, there's a sensor for that. You get the sensors that suit your needs the best.

Scalable and trusted

We serve hundreds of customers, including consumers as well as small businesses. Each day our systems handle over 100,000 remote messages delivering environmental information for our users.

Meazurem is service by Creosys Ltd. We are a bootstrapped, profitable and independent company headquartered in Akaa, Finland.

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