Easy Solution for Remote Temperature, Humidity and Pressure Monitoring

Observe the environmental conditions remotely via phone

Always with you

Have the information in your pocket, right there in your smart phone with you.

Always up-to-date

The environmental data is uploaded to the cloud up to once per minute.

Always online

The sensor data is stored in the cloud so that you can access it anytime, anywhere.

Easy to get started

If you know how to use an app or computer, you'll able to make it work with our helpful tutorials.

Easy and simple to use

After you have gone through the setup, it's simple to use the app on daily basis.

Easily affordable

Get started with low entry costs. No need to pay everything up front.

Your Online Monitoring Solution

Why to use Meazurem?

Get alerted real-time

Don't ever miss an important event by setting up an alert!

Detect trends and deviations

Graphs and history helps you to observe trends and deviations in the data.

Save money

Optimize the temperature in your house or garage and save some money!

What can it be used for?

Meazurem can be used for variety of things, from your own weather station to detecting issues with your house. Here are some examples of what you can use Meazurem for:

Outdoor weather

Create your own always online weather station. With the waterproof sensor, know instantly what to wear when going out!

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Home Monitoring

Tune the perfect temperature for your wine cooler, or bedroom. Monitor humidity to maintain your health and comfort!

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Pet well-being

Keep your loved ones safe. Make sure your dogs, cats, reptiles, amphibians, and other pets get the care and comfort they need and deserve!


Are you growing your own organic healthy snacks? Monitor and tune your greenhouse environment to the optimal. Take your hobby to the next level!

How Meazurem works?

Meazurem provides you all the software. You just get the hardware.

It's Meazurem that makes is possible for you to access your data anytime and anywhere with your smart phone. To make it possible, you need to run the Meazurem Gateway software in your premises. The gateway needs to have an access to the Internet.

The gateway software is provided with no additional charge. You can run the gateway software with your extra Android phone or compatible Raspberry Pi hardware.

Meazurem gateway software constantly observes the data from the remote sensors and processes it. The data is then uploaded in to the Meazurem Cloud. The gateway can upload data up to once per minute. This means that the information you get is always up-to-date and gives you the correct view of the situation.

The cloud functionality allows you to check the temperature, humidity and pressure remotely with your phone. The phone app reads the information from the cloud so that your phone doesn’t have to communicate with the gateway or the actual sensors. The cloud also takes care of alerting you with email, phone notification or SMS, based on the alerts you have defined.

Download Meazurem now

Start monitoring your data remotely via phone. Get started for free with 1 sensor!

"Meazurem is awesome service that helps me feel relieved when travelling."

- Olli, Helsinki -

Industry approved hardware

Meazurem works with hardware called RuuviTag. RuuviTag sensor node is a high quality hardware product from Finland.


RuuviTag is 100% wireless and has a long lasting and user replaceable battery with lifespan of years.

Superior connectivity

RuuviTag uses Bluetooth LE with world-class antenna design. The range depends on the surroundings.


RuuviTag is water proof with class of IP67. It's safe to keep it outside to build your own weather station.


It's possible to mount the sensor in remote or hidden places. This way it doesn't disturb everyday life.

Purchase RuuviTags separately from Ruuvi Shop with world-wide shipping. Single RuuviTag sensor pricing starts from 29 €.
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What's New

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